National Senior Division Conference Calls

Classic Cars at Hershey Park

Jane Degenshein, National Association of the Senior Blind (NASB) board member, is the driver with family while having a great time at Hershey Park.

From February through June of each year, the Senior Division of the National Federation of the Blind proudly sponsors conference calls on a variety of topics with moderators presiding over each call. We hope these calls provide information and thoughtful discussions in your local chapter and other senior meetings throughout the year.

To attend the calls, dial 515-603-3166, then use access code 759633 pound. You will hear the code you entered repeated. Press 1 if it is correct. Press 2 to re-enter it. If you press 1, you then announce yourself by stating your name and you will then be entered into the conference call.

Times for calls:

  • 4:00pm Eastern
  • 3:00pm Central
  • 2:00pm Mountain
  • 1:00pm Pacific

Please determine for yourself the time to enter the call if you live in a time zone other than those listed above.


In order to obtain the best possible sound for these calls, it is recommended that each caller, after dialing in, input star 6 which puts you in a mute mode. You will be able to hear everything during the call but background noise from your location will not disturb others listening in on the conversation. When you wish to speak and enter the discussion, input star 6 once again and you will be released from the mute mode and able to participate.

Also, it is highly recommended of all participants, that each person wishing to speak, state his or her name, and wait for the moderator to recognize you before speaking. We can have too many people trying to seek the floor at one time and chaos can occur. The moderator will do their very best to recognize as many callers as possible however, they will determine the order in which speakers have the floor. When finished with your comments, input star 6 once again to go back into the mute mode, to facilitate better, uncluttered communication for everyone.

Listening to recordings of past conferences:

Because our conference calls contain information that’s helpful and interesting to blind seniors, we archive all of them within hours of their completion. There are two options for listening to a past recording:

#1 Listen from this page using your computer:

There is a link “listen to this recording” associated with each past conference listed below. Click on that link and your computer will give you the following two options: OPEN or SAVE the file. If you want to listen to it, choose to OPEN it; your computer’s media-player will come up and play the recording. If you choose the save option, you then can download the MP3 file on to your computer to be played later. Plus, you would have the option to give it to a friend or family member to listen to.

#2 Listen By telephone:

It is possible to use your telephone to dial into where recorded copies of our phone conferences are stored; on the company site. these recordings are the original raw copies. The trimmed and polished versions are only found here on our site, available as described above in option #1.

Here is the procedure for this option: Dial- 1(515) 604-1466. You will reach, FreeConferenceCall.Com. At the prompt, punch in the following access code- 759633Pound. After the welcome message by the system, you will be ask to input the reference number for the recording you wish to listen to, followed by the POUND key; each past recorded conference listed below will give you its required reference number. Or, to listen to the most recent recording, just press the POUND key.

Calls for 2018

  • March 22, 2018
    Downsizing—Transitioning to a new home: When to move? Where to move? What to take?
    Moderator: Arthur Schriber and Diane McGeorge
  • April 19, 2018
    What’s new with Newsline and point out features and more publications that have been added recently
    Moderator: Bob Watson from the NFB Newsline team
  • May 24, 2018
    Senior programs offered at the Louisiana Center for the Blind
    Moderator: Wendy Ortega and colleagues from the Louisiana Center for the Blind
  • June 21, 2018
    Blind Seniors Q&A
    Moderator: Board Members of the NFB Seniors Division

Archived Calls

Additional archived calls can be viewed at

Additional Information

For more information regarding the NFB Senior Division, please visit You can also contact the president of the NFB Seniors Division, Ruth Sager, with any questions at 410-602-9030 or You can also contact the chair of the NFBDE Senior Committee, James Steele, at 610-202-1521 or